Speeding up Justice by Dana Seetahal

The irony however is that if this were to actually come to pass – more people are arrested and charged – it is highly unlikely that the current system of prosecution will be able to cope with more cases and accused.

At present it could take years for an accused person to obtain a trial in the High Court or even in the magistrates’ courts. Last year alone the few murder cases to be tried  in the High Court each took over four months to complete.


Avoiding criminal fleas by Dana Seetahal

Just as ridiculous is talk of the Jamaat presiding over a truce of 500 gang leaders to end Laventille killings. A couple of months ago it was a truce to end the kidnappings — as if any of the real criminals would ever implicitly admit his involvement by signing a truce in the full glare of the media… Meanwhile, we must not resort to flirting with criminal elements merely because things look bad. As Jamaican politicians have found out: when you lie down with dogs you get fleas. 

Dana could shed her robes at the day’s end, but not her thoughts about these cases

“It’s not a matter of having `women’s rights.’ There should be no special rights for women as opposed to men. I agree with the Police… He said ‘There are no women-police or men police, only police constables.’ We should all be treated equally.”.. But her view from the Bench and Bar have brought her a sometimes all too-vivid idea of life for a female in Trinidad. She’s particularly appalled and concerned about youths, sexual abuse and the local incest rate,

Investigate what exactly? by Dana Seetahal

There have been several calls for an investigation into the concerns expressed in an August 30, 2013 letter by the then Solicitor General. It has (repeatedly) been stated that the then SG asked for an investigation because she was concerned there had been “in existence for some time an unethical business venture engaged in by attorneys at law” acting for prisoners alleged to have been assaulted by prison officers.

Defamation and the Amendment Bill by Dana Seetahal

The debate on the Libel and Defamation (Amendment) Bill in the Parliament this week seems to be a case of much ado about little… In any event the question must be asked, do we in T&T have media personnel who publish matters knowing them to be false? I do not believe that we do. Instead they might be careless with the truth, ignorant of what might seem to be the obvious and have insufficient regard to correcting errors.